Meera Sulaiman Photography

I see the connection between humans and animals is one of the most fundamental, but sometimes invisible, bonds that human beings experience. Animals and Children captivates me, and I see them as one of our greatest teachers. Children seem to have a magical affinity with animals and I see parallels in their worlds. This series is inspired by my love and fascination in trying to understand and explore this special, yet little understood relationship between children and animals in confinement.

Every time I press my shutter, I ponder on the mysteries of this relationship. In a way, are these kids perhaps peeking into their future as adults, when their minds and thoughts will be held captive to society. Will they look inwards, and break free of the shackles of their mind? In contrast, are the animals looking out from the bars, urging them to perhaps look in, and make a difference in the well-being of their lives…etc.

These are very strong photographs of a subject we are all familiar with, the love that children have for animals. I think you frame the connection these young people have with their captive friends in a tender and beautiful way. Your images often show the dividing line between human and beast, but it is purely physical. Mentally your protagonists exist together in a state of mutual communication. I love the use of black and white, it at once connotes the two separate realities, but also serves to abstract the situation into a more surreal melding of events. The mirroring that occurs is wonderful. I really would not change a thing in this series. ~lensculture


The way the children and animals are seemingly communicating on a primitive level that the rest of the world can't comprehend brings me back to a time of childhood innocence where I believed magic was not only real, but all around us. I want to make my audience feel something, just as this project made me feel. ~ Kaitlyn, Blogger

The Secret Bond Shared by Animals and Children, in Photos

"I believe all beings are entitled to live their life to the fullest with respect and love,” the photographer tells me. “Hence, I feel a deep desire to heighten awareness concerning the welfare of captive animals and the need to re-evaluate our relationship with animals.”



Winner 2016 Moscow International Foto Awards (MIFA)


Winner 2017 Tokyo International Foto Awards (TIFA)


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14th The Pollux Awards - Honourable Winner