"Giving back to the natural world I LOVE"

Born with Music

The Giant Tortoise of the Galápagos

Extinction Risk: Vulnerable

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The background image was used by Galapagos Conservancy as part of the fundraising campaign
to support tortoise restoration efforts (and more) in Galapagos.

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Coexistence: Living with Wildlife

We share this beautiful planet with all beings

Just like us, birds and other animals are doing their best to make a living and raise their young.

What I Do

I believe there is power in visual story telling to connect with audiences at an emotional level.

I provide the following services:

  • → Professional original photo or video assets for public outreach campaigns
  • → Gallery exhibits, public art installations and funding campaigns
  • → Children outreach campaigns
  • → FREE presentations for school or community group on conservation photography projects
  • → Print and online publications
  • → and more

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I love providing my services to:

  • → NGOs, nonprofits and community groups
  • → City, province, wildlife management entities
  • → Teachers, scientists, and research groups
  • → Print and online publications

For conservation projects and assignments contact: meera.sulaiman@gmail.com

The Future is in Our Hands