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  • Born with Music, Ontario, Canada

    November, 2018 | Trumpeter Swans
  • ICA Galery, Tokyo, Japan

    12 May - 16 May, 2018 | TIFA 2017 Winners
  • Novorossiysk Historical Museum, Russia

    24 Oct - 24 Nov, 2016 | MIFA 2016 Winners
  • Na Kashirke Gallery, Moscow

    20 Jul - 7 Aug, 2016 | From the Whispers Series
  • Louver Museum (Musée du Louvre), Paris

    Gulls Family | Fifth Annual Exposure Awards, 2015.
  • Royal Geographical Society, London, UK

    1 Oct 2015 | Two photographs
  • Beaux Arts Gallery, Canada

    Sep 15th - Oct 4th, 2015 | Wildlife Juried Group Show
  • ALIVE - Solo Exhibition

    Featuring the emotions ,mystique and beauty of stone and texture.
  • VOICES OF THE DEEP - Group Exhibition

    Featuring the beauty of the power of the Oceans.
  • EXPOSED - Group Exhibition

    Showcasing captures of Erosion.


  • International Photographer Awards(IPA)- OneShot: Harmony, 2018
    Two Honorable Mention
    "Side by Side", Nature Category
    "Side by Side", Fineart Category
  • Tokyo International Foto Awards (TIFA), 2017

    First Place, "Whispers Series", People/Children Category
  • International Photographer Awards(IPA),2017

    Honorable Mention, "Spider and it's Meal", Special - Micro Category
  • Moscow International Foto Awards (MIFA), 2016

    First Place, "Whispers Of Children and Animals Series", People/Children Category
  • Px3 Paris, 10th Anniversary Edition, 2016

    Third Place, "Our Children" series, portraiture
  • Px3 Paris, 10th Anniversary Edition, 2016
    Two Honorable Mention
    - "Stormy Day" series, nature
    - "Whispers of Children & Animals" series, fine art

  • International Garden Photographer,2016

    Commended, Monochrome Photo Project
  • International Photography Awards, 2016
    Two Honorable Mention
    - "Whispers of Children and Animals" series, fine art
    - "Our Children" series, fine art

  • International Photography Awards, 2015
    Five Honorable Mention
    - "Black Beauty" series, nature
    - "Frozen" series, nature
    - "The Journey" series, nature
    - "Backyard Beauties" series, nature
    - "Frozen" series, seasons

  • GCT Competition, London, UK, 2015

    Runner Up in the Botanical Category
  • GCT Competition, London, UK, 2015

    Runner Up in the Man in the Archipelago Category


Art is magical and is powerful!

"Nice work! Thanks to your vantage point being so close to the water’s surface,
we almost feel like your scaly subject has pulled up alongside us
and thinks we’d make a nice snack." ~ Canon


Let's go to Galapagos - A Book For Children

Galapagos have captured the imagination of the world. Charles Darwin first visited the Galápagos Islands almost 200 years ago, a land filled with animals that could not be found anywhere else on earth. The book showcases stunning photographs of the special birds and animals that make Galapagos their home. Reader will encounter Giant Tortoise, Penguin, Sea Lion, Iguana and many others, while also learning colours.

About Meera

My art is all about exploring, invoking, and connecting with the emotions of life around me.


  • I am a Sri Lankan born Canadian. And I am in love with all seasons. Yes, even Winter.
  • I love the smell and taste of good coffee.
  • I find inspiration in the magic, mystery, and miracle of life in all shapes and forms.
  • I feel exhilarated,and peaceful when I'm surrounded by nature and animals.
  • My images are a way to give back to the natural world I LOVE!
  • I have a wonderful dream where everyone values the preservation of nature and we are inspired to protect it.
  • I can spend countless hours watching animals in the wild.
  • Time tends to stand still when I am with my camera. And each photograph is a blank canvas for me to sketch from my heart.
  • My artistic endures are an extension to my emotions, and also a way to connect with people, animals and nature.
  • In my spare time, I enjoy the outdoors, painting, music, movies, and spending time with family, friends and my amazing dog “Cesar”.
  • My passion is to tell inspiring stories of hope around the globe. And create images that could be a positive light and voice. I would also like to help children grow up with a positive view of nature and conservation work by fostering a sense of awe.

It’s humbling to capture those intimate moments, and creating a photograph that transcends space and time in preserving the emotions.
If you love my work, and are interested in contacting me please drop me a note at

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Meera is hanging out with some giant friends.